Monday, March 16, 2009

Ummmm..... Yeah....

About that blog thing... we're not exactly doing so well in keeping it up to date so far. But alas, we will do better. I think it's the wedding planning, plus work, plus doing the purge and merge, plus trying to sell my house that has really done it. Regardless of the reason, we haven't done so well at keeping up to date.
So here's the quick recap: wedding is fully planned at this point- we're just doing the finishing touches now. That should be really easy, and in comparison to the daunting task of planning the whole shebang, I suppose it is. But it seems that the devil is in the details now. We've got ridiculous favors made (yes, it's going to be an actual Martha inspried favor tower), programs almost finished, invitations calligraphied, stamped, and sealed, and we've finalized the musical selections for both the ceremony and the reception. Oh with one important exception- we have no first dance song. Well that's technically a lie. We actually have 6 songs. Problem is, only one can be the first. So we'll continue to work on that, but really I guess that's not the end of the world.
More exciting is the engagement party we just had, and the shower I'm about to have. The engagement party was mostly for my parents friends, but it was really nice to have people be so excited for you and ready to hear all of the juicy wedding details. Here's a new pic of us together at the party.

And we'll try to do better about posting more often.