Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oopsie Daisy!

So much for getting back on track with the blogging!  I just realized it's been a LONG time since I've posted.  Yeah, I've been a little busy, but why bother typing about it when I can show you some of our recent adventures? 

Grandma's 60th Birthday, and the first birthday party Cameron was invited to!  It was October 30, so we previewed the Halloween costume here.

I attempted the impossible, and staged a Halloween/fall photo shoot with Cameron and Bella.  This is about as good as it gets, sadly.

More Halloween fun!

We voted!

Making silly faces.

More exercises.

We've gotten creative with Tummy Time, since Cameron can only stand so much of it. 

A few naps.  We're still a little bit on the napping strike, but we may be reaching an agreement, as there has been some improvement on that front.  We still have a ways to go though.

Just about the cutest sad face ever.  I know he wants me to scoop him up and get him whatever he wants at the first hint of the "fuss face" but I just find it so darn cute!

We hosted our 2nd Annual Fakesgiving Celebration.  It was about 2 weeks before the real Thanksgiving, and it was just a bunch of friends getting together for a Thanksgiving feast.  It's the best non-holiday EVER.  You have all the fun and food of a holiday, but with none of the pressure! 
(Note that Bonnie, the blonde on the left in the red shirt, gave birth less than a week after this!)

This is the "tough guy" face.  He's been making this one more and more lately, but I'm not quite sure what it means.

He will still fall asleep in our arms, or on one of our chests.  It is the sweetest thing in the whole world.

Hey if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

At Thanksgiving, the extended family on my mom's side got together to also celebrate Mimi's 85th birthday.  This was also the first time Cameron got to meet his great-grandmothers.

The whole crew at Thanksgiving.  You can't tell in this picture, because she's so darn cute, but Carrie (Andrew's wife) is pregnant with Cameron's baby cousin!  It's a little girl due in February.  In just a few short years I'm sure they will be running around causing all sorts of mayhem, and I can't WAIT for that fun.

We've been propping C up more and more because he likes to see what's going on in the room.  Unfortunately, the best way to do it is to break the cardinal rule:  "nobody puts baby in the corner." 

We met Vince Dooley!  I heard he was going to be at Kroger (random, I know) doing a book signing, and hey- we've got nothing better to do.  So we went!  The best part of the whole thing was when I handed Cameron to Coach Dooley.  He looked at me like I was nuts (and let's face it, I am) and said "Oh you want ME to hold him??"  And sometimes things just fall out of my mouth before I really think about them.  Today was one of those days because my immediate response was "Sure!  Why not?  I mean, I'd trust you with my football team, why wouldn't I trust you with my child?"  We had to book it out of there before security could call for a psychiatric evaluation. 

Cameron is discovering his toys!  For the longest time, he was only interested in people and completely ignored all of the wonderful toys we had for him.  But suddenly, one day it was like they started to glow in the dark or something because the things that we had been showing him for months now magically seemed interesting to him. 

Dad is having fun letting C be a "blimp" like in a parade.  I'm not sure what calling him a "blimp" will do for his self-esteem in future years, but he seems to enjoy the ride right now.

Looky who we found!  We went to get our Christmas tree and miraculously, there was no line for Santa!  We had not planned on doing Santa pictures that day, but figured this would allow us the chance to test the waters before standing in line for hours just to have our baby scream when handed off to a stranger.  And guess what- he did great!!  We also got to take as many pictures as we want (taboo with Mall Santa) so we have about 30 pictures of this experience.

Cameron went on his first date!  Less than a week after Fakesgiving, baby Cora was born!  We had joked that she would be born at Fakesgiving, but she wasn't due for several more weeks, so we though it was one of those ridiculous things you just say... joke's on us though, I guess!

Cameron is not quite sure about the presents.  So far he's tried to eat them.  Which I guess is all you can really expect at this point.

Cameron also loves the "baby in the mirror".  He laughs and smiles at his "friend" all day long. 

Clear the roads!  Look who is driving!  He's not quite sturdy enough to sit completely upright, but it's nothing a strategically placed rolled-up blanket can't fix.  I'm SO excited about this stage for him.  He's just fascinated by everything he sees.  We got this walker from some friends who have a little boy turning 2 soon.  So far, it's a hit!

So here's what I've learned:  it takes MUCH longer to do a "catch-up" post than to just do a quick update.  I know I've said this 1,000 times before, but I'm going to try to do one a week.  With the holidays coming up I know it will be tough sometimes, but I'm going to TRY. 

As for me, you can see that my days pretty much revolve around Cameron.  In late October I decided not to return to work after my maternity leave was up, so I'm a full-time stay-at-home mom now.  Some days it's awesome, and some days it's the hardest thing I've ever done.  I'm still getting the hang of things though.  On my best of days, I can do laundry, clean something (bathroom, kitchen, etc.), keep Cameron fairly close to his schedules, watch the Martha Stewart show, get out and run some errands, and have dinner ready when hubs gets home.  But then other days, like yesterday, I survey my surroundings at the end of the day, only to be met with the fact that the only reason I took time to shower was because the baby managed to poop MY pants (true story- through his diaper, and his pants, and completely ruined mine.  Luckily I'm still in those yoga pants we talked about so long ago), the garbage disposal is broken, and now has a bent wire hanger sticking out of it, my laundry is 1/2 done, half in the hallway,  and we had "appetizer night" for dinner because I didn't have time to throw together a full nutritious meal. 
Most days, thankfully, I fall somewhere in between.  I'd pull my hair out if all of my days were like the last example, and I'd probably drop dead of exhaustion if I kept up the pace of the first example.  So as long as my average is somewhere in the middle, I'm happy.