Monday, October 27, 2008

Wedding Details so far

So as not to bore you, I'll put this info in a separate post.
Here's what we've got so far:

We are getting married in historic Roswell, Ga at Kimball Hall.
We'll have a garden ceremony, followed by a reception.
The wedding is on June 6, 2009 (yes, it's really D-Day).

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions:
Yes, I have a dress.
Yes, I have picked out bridesmaids dresses. They are sky blue.
I have 5 bridesmaids, and Ryan has 5 groomsmen.
We are honeymooning in St. Lucia after the wedding. No, you can't come with us.
We're having a band (The PartyTime Band), and a bar.

We are currently looking at our options for flowers, cake, hotels and invitations. I think I've got 2 of the 4 taken care of, but it's not finalized yet.

We are registered at Macy's and at Target. We're not registering at Bed, Bath, and Beyond because they have declared bankruptcy and part of their settlement agreement is that if they don't resolve their issues they don't have to accept their own gift cards. I think that's silly and prefer not to be involved in that mess, so we're just leaving them out of it.

That's about all I have for now, but more to come! Thanks for checking us out and stay tuned for more info.

The New Blog/Engagement Details

So we're going to try the blogging thing. It's really just a way to chronicle all of the things we're up to lately. We stay really busy, and with wedding planning underway it's our quick (and lazy) way of keeping everyone updated on what's going on.
Let's start with catching everyone up on how we got to where we are today...
Kristin and Ryan met in 2006 while working at ADP. We were friends first, and for a long time. Eventually we started spending more time together and got to know one another better. At some point we decided we'd like to try out dating and see how that worked. It was a risky move because we were a) jeopardizing a friendship if it did not work out; and b) working together would make it very uncomfortable if we did not work out. But great news- we've been dating ever since so neither of those things are a problem!
In early 2008 we began to think that just dating was a little silly and expensive. Knowing where things were heading next, we started ring shopping.
By the time April rolled around, Kristin knew it was going to be any day that Ryan would propose. On April 26, Ryan said he wanted to take Kristin on a special date so they could celebrate her birthday early. We were talking on the phone the night before and he said "Don't worry- tomorrow is going to be the best day EVER." At that point I was SURE that was the night. I got up early that Saturday, got a new dress for the occasion, painted my toenails and started to get ready for our date. Two showers later, I was ready to go.
Ryan came and picked me up, we went to dinner at Vini Vidi Vicci and that was it. No proposal. I was SURE that was going to be the night. But I was wrong.
The following Tuesday was my birthday. I just knew he wouldn't do it then. So we went to lunch- we went to a park near work to eat the lunches that we brought because that's what we normally do. It was FREEZING. I didn't want to get out of the car because I thought it was too cold. Ryan insisted that I get out of the car, and even attempted to bribe me with opening a birthday present if I got out. I caved. We went to our usual picnic table, and sat down to eat. We ate at lightning speed because it was so cold. Then I got my present. It was a large, oddly shaped gift in a bag. I wondered what it could be. But I opened it, and found that it was a certificate that had been framed. It took me a minute to figure out what it was, but it was a star! He had gotten me a star. I looked over at him, and he was on his knee holding a ring. He said "what's the name of the star?" I looked, and it was "Will you marry me Kristin?" After reading that, I turned and looked at him and said the only thing that I could think of ..."that's your line!" So after HE asked the question, I answered "yes, of course".
And that's when the planning began!