Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In Crisis

Normally my posts are pretty upbeat, right?  They sound like "Yay, look at what we've been doing", etc.  That's how I type them out, anyway, so I hope they read that way.  But today we are having a crisis of EPIC proportions...  My hard drive on my computer is full.  Yep.  I mean, it's not World Hunger, or Save Darfur or anything, but for me, this is life-changing.  I have a TON of pictures on my camera that have to be loaded onto the computer, then shared with family, friends, and of course, my faithful blog followers. 
I could be showing you pictures of Cameron's new teeth (we're up to 8 now!), or how he's SO close to crawling.  Or I have this super cute video of him giggling I could share.  Or I could be showing you pictures of our NEW CAR!!  Yep, we finally did it!  Or I could share pictures of our Easter weekend, including the Easter outfit that I made for Cameron (which Ryan compared to a "plaid barrel").  But nope.  Looks like technology has other plans. We have ordered another hard drive though, so never fear- help is on the way!  Once we get that up and going, I'll be sure to share some of my pictures.  In the meantime, I'm attempting to clean up my desktop so that it's easy to organize what files I do have. 
Now since I can't put any pics up, I hope none of you have stopped reading mid-update because I do have one more important announcement.  Friday is a big day for some people.  We've been waiting on this day for a year.  There will be a huge celebration, and I feel like the whole world is watching.  That's right people, it's my birthday!  What?  You thought I was going to say the Royal Wedding?  Well speaking of, I put a call in to the Queen, who promptly refused to take my call.  In other words, she's not changing the date.  So we're just going to have to share.  In honor of this shared celebration, I am now calling Friday the Royal Birthday.  I will wear a tiara, and answer only to "Your Majesty" or "Your Highness."  Now if you'll just get my husband to abide by that Royal decree, we'll be in business!   I wish you all a wonderful Royal my Birthday, my loyal subjects! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Top 8 at 8

Yesterday was Cameron's 8 month birthday, and in celebration of this milestone, I bring to you the list of the Top 8 things going on in his world now:

8)  This is the number of everyday household objects we could have given Cameron for entertainment instead of toys.  His favorite things right now are cups, hangers, the laundry basket, spoons, a washcloth, his own socks, my water bottle, and any sort of tupperware. 

7)  This is what time Cameron goes to bed. 7:00 This isn't exactly breaking news- he's been doing this since he was about 4 months old, but after we've had a time change, a bunch of teething and some out-of-town visitors, it's a miracle that this is STILL the time he goes to bed!  (And 7:05 is about the time I collapse on the couch, for those of you wondering...)

Lately he's been sleeping on his stomach with his butt straight up in the air.  I have a picture of that one somewhere too.

6)  This is the number of teeth Cameron has... WHAT?! I promise. Stick your finger in his mouth and you are pretty sure to get at least a nail trimming. His bottom 2 middle came in first around Christmas, and we've been watching for the top middles for a long time. And I feel like they've been swollen for a long time. But nothing happened. Then all of the sudden, his top side teeth (you know, your vampire teeth?) came in at the same time. And I had been so busy looking for those front center ones on the top, I almost missed the new one on the bottom too! That brings our total up to 5 so far... and just this weekend one of his top front teeth finally started to make it's appearance. It's just barely broken through, and the other top one is not far behind- I can already feel it.  He still looks a little snaggle-toothed, but that's ok with me! (Hey if your kid is going to have something weird about him, it might as well be the order that his teeth came in right?)

Can you see them?

5)   This is the number of new toys Cameron has at the moment.  He has a swing outside, which he LOVES;  a walker that he uses in the kitchen;  2 noise-making things that I hate (but he loves, so I tolerate them as best I can);  and his jumper.  When I was little they called it a "Johnny Jumpseat" but these days I think it's just a jumper.  I believe this one and the swing are his favorites!
This is a rare picture of him in his jumper.
Most of his pictures are action shots, so at the critical moment he jumps out of the shot like this:
4)  This one serves as a little reality check for me:  there are only 4 more months until Cameron's first birthday!  I absolutely cannot believe that!  I was looking back at his pictures from the first week of his life, and I cannot believe how small and wrinkly he was!  Now he's such a big boy!

3)  This is the number of meals Cameron eats every day!  Sounds normal, but we started him late on solids because of some food allergies that run in Ryan's family.  To me it feels like just yesterday I was giving him his first spoonful of rice cereal.  But now he's having oatmeal, prunes, pears, peaches, green beans, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, and we've finally tried out the Mum-mums.  I ate one of the Mum-mums, and thought it tasted like cardboard, but Cameron seems to love them, so we'll just go with it!

2)  This is the number of baby gates we have purchased so far.  I can't decide how much of the downstairs we are going to block off access too, and our floor plan is pretty open, so that would be tricky anyway, but we definitely need two for the top and bottom of the stairs.  Ryan and I studied our floor plan for an hour the other day and still couldn't decide what to do downstairs, so we're going to wing it with the downstairs and see how you do with the crawling business.  Or as Ryan says, we're "planning to be spontaneous" with that one. 
I know I have a better picture of him moving around, but usually when he starts moving, I put down the camera to chase after him.  So this is what I've got for you today.

1)  This is the number of cousins Cameron has so far.  We met baby Katherine last weekend, when my brother came with his family to Cameron's baptism.  It was so nice to see them and spend time with baby Katherine, and my grandmother Mimi.  I'm still not so confident taking road trips with the C-Monster at his age, but somehow Andrew and Carrie did it with a 10 week old, and an 85 year old, which was most impressive!  (I did have a cold beer waiting for him when he got to my house- I figured he'd need it after that car ride!) 
Meeting his cousin for the first time...

Awwww... he's giving her a hug!

What?  I'm a sensitive guy?

Don't worry kid, I'll show you the ropes
As a side note, K is wearing the bib I made for her!  For a future blog post I promise I will put up pictures of all of my recent craftiness.  I've been BUSY with all that!

And just for kicks...
0)  This is the number of shoes you like to keep on your little feet.  And for some strange reason, you rather enjoy eating your toes.  They smell kind of funny if you ask me, but you seem to enjoy it, so what the heck.

 I don't think I have a picture of that, but really, this picture is a good one to end on anyway.